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Incomplete "Opus list" including public performances (some pieces on-line)

A number of electronic tape pieces were produced at home during 1971-1974

I played electric bass in various experimental electric jazz groups during 1970-1975. Kursverksamheten vid Lunds Universitet had an annex in my home town Kristianstad and the people there as well as the teachers and headmaster at my various schools were most helpful.

Recorded performances with Pernilla Wallin (epi), Hans-Åke Ohlsson (gi), Jörgen Nilhamn (gi), Mats Rabe (dr), Thomas Sjöland (b) and Stefan Wistrand (sax) at

I moved to Stockholm in 1975.

A number of electronic tape pieces (analog and with computer control) 1975-1980 at EMS, for instance:

I then turned to setting up my own home studio with computers controlling simple MIDI synthesizers and drum machines (ABC80 and later Mac+, currently a 450 Mhz PC with a multichannel soundcard and some MIDI modules). 1980-now at my home (Out of Time Studios), resulting in for instance the following works:

midi-files (playalong, modify, reinstrument etc. send me pointers to your edits!)

Fast Track, (standard MIDI-file), 1998
Postmodern Jazz, (standard MIDI-file), reedited 1998
Svart Honung, (standard MIDI-file), reedited 1998
blues.mid, (standard MIDI-file), 1997
beatcha960715.mid, (standard MIDI-file) reedited 1996
rhythm.mid, (standard MIDI-file) 1992
houseblues.mid, (standard MIDI-file) 1995
lizard.mid, (standard MIDI-file) 1993
Princy.mid, (standard MIDI-file) 1994
bomkrasch9009.mid,(standard MIDI-file) 1990
Från Filmen Med Samma Namn, (standard MIDI-file), 1992
Fantini1.mid, (standard MIDI-file), 1990 (reedit 1999)
Fantini2.mid, (standard MIDI-file), 1990 (reedit 1999)
meditation.mid, (standard MIDI-file), 1990 (reedit 1999)
slowska 901103.mid, (standard MIDI-file), 1990
Gustav-Adolfs-dagen, (standard MIDI-file), 1987

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